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In the first instance, all queries should be sent to the [DipAI Yahoo!Group]. Everybody shown here follows that list and replies will be posted to the list. If you've tried that and waited at least 48 hours with no response then you can try using the details below. Please note that if you don't try the list first, your request will almost certainly be ignored.

[Andrew Rose]

  • DAIDE protocol designer
  • Author of cspdll and the original (now obsolete) versions of HoldBot and RandBot

[David Norman]

  • Original DAIDE language designer
  • Author of AiServer and AiMapper
  • Author of DumbBot, and later rewrites of HoldBot a RandBot

[John Newbury]

  • Author of the latest revisions to AiServer, AiMapper, AiClient Framework, Basebot, DumbBot, HoldBot and RandBot
  • Author of BlabBot
  • Author of DTDT (now obsolete) bot-trialler, and resultant series of Touraments between bots
  • Author of DEMO (replacement of DTDT, now comprising with MARS, SAGA and ARENA)

[Hamish Williams]

  • Site maintainer